Harpreet Singh Seera

Flutter enthusiast · open source contributor · harpreetseera8525@gmail.com

I am experienced in delivering cross-platform mobile apps using flutter framework as well as native android applications. Being a Flutter enthusiast, I love to contribute for open source projects.


Senior Software Engineer

ExSquared Solutions Pvt Ltd

Build and maintain applications for Android, iOS plartforms on Flutter framework for multiple clients. Research and developments for architecture, structure and pipelines to achieve a process driven development environment with agile process flow.

October 2023 - Present

Software Engineer

Frontier ( Unifrontier Technologies Pvt Ltd )

Build and maintain applications for Android, iOS & MacOS on Flutter framework. Maintain architecture, structure and pipelines to achieve a process driven development environment.

August 2020 - September 2023

Flutter Developer

Qart Fashion ( Flick2know Technologies Pvt Ltd )

Android and iOS app development on Flutter framework. Handling large code bases for further improvisation, feature addition, data analysis and optimisation.

January 2019 - August 2020

Android Developer


Native Android application development for IOT based products. Deciding design policies, flows for application, and its quality assurance.

August 2017 - December 2018

Android Developer Intern


Customising UI for industrial level android apps. Worked on basic UI components of the application and maintained the functionalities.

June 2016 - August 2016


Here are some of my recents projects developed on flutter.


Cryto & DE-FI aggregation platform application built on Flutter that supports 60+ blockchains and suppots Staking, Lending, Swapping and as well and NFT exploration

Q Venue
Q Venue

Tradeshow automation mobile application for booking products with custom reports, catalog and general e-commerce app features.

Playstore Appstore

Application to read & listen nitnem(sikh hymns) with autoscrolled reading in sync with audio. Custom setting for reading and listening.


Open Source

I have been contributing to various open source projects for quite sometime. Some of them are:


Flutter package for 360 image showcase with custom features and rotation gestures.

Pub Github
Account selector

A Flutter package to provide helper widgets for selecting single or multiple account/user.

Pub Github

A highly customisable Flutter package for animated unit stepper.

Pub Github


It's important to gain knowledge, but what's more important is to share it. So here are some knowledge sharing examples from my end:

360 degree image showcase in Flutter

Viewing different angles of a product offers more visualisation and adaptation. From handbags to power tools to electrical components to automobiles, 360° product images...

4 Min
Animated Stepo in Flutter

When it comes to user experience , animations are one of the essential things that play a major role in enhancing...

3 Min


Apart from being a Flutter developer, I enjoy cooking. Also I am fond of vintage bikes and cars.

In leisure time, I often listen to music, practice sikh martial arts, maintain my vintage bullet and watch Netflix. Just to mention, some of my favourites are: Money Heist, Arrow, Prison Break, Breaking Bad.

Want to Socialise? You can find me on: